Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meet my Friends

 Hey, guys.  It is no surprise, I am sure, that I have some awesome friends!  They really are.  I could ramble about them and never grow tired, but I realize you will lose interest pretty fast, since they are not your friends and you know nothing about them.  So, I decided if I want to ramble about them, I should share them with you!!!  After all, it is selfish to keep them all to myself, right?  I mean, after all, you all are missing out on their awesomeness. 

So, make way for the introductions, guys!  We are going to have a blast!!  Aren’t you excited? 
Drum roll, please!  Introducing….
So, her name is actually Jasmine, and she does go by Bushmaid, but I call her Aussie.  Why do I call her Aussie?  Because, she is my friend from down under, of course!  Jasmine the Australian.  And thus, I call her Aussie.  Aussie has her own blog , which I think you all will enjoy, but the post I really want to share with you today is a letter she wrote to parents.  A Sincere Letter to Parents is beautiful, touching, and a poignant reminder not only to parents, but all of us young people who one day plan to be parents.  This is one of those posts where I wish I had written it.  But I didn’t.  Aussie did.  And I hope this will show you a little bit of why I love her so much!

Jonathan Garner
You all are probably familiar with this name.  If you read the comments on my blog, you will notice he posts on most of my blog posts, and he also happens to be one of my beta readers.  I’ve known Jonathan for almost 2 years now, and he is a lovely individual.  Today I wanted to share a post with you that he wrote, which I adore!  Harry Potterand the Twilight of Hypocrisy.  Mwahha!  I love these kinds of posts.  I suppose because they are controversial, and I do like a good challenge.  In this post, Jonathan challenges the Twilight and Harry Potter haters, and asks you to take a look at your motivators not only where these movies/books are concerned, but your other entertainment as well.  Are you being hypocritical? 

Braden Russell
Braden, Braden, Braden.  *chuckles *  Or Fiddle, as I have grown accustomed to knowing him by.  He’s a fun individual who takes on many personas, including the hilarious Bucey.  Braden’s “ramblings” are a bit different than my other friends.  You see, Braden makes short clips for YouTube watchers.  And they are hilarious!  But, don’t take my word for it.  Watch them!  Braden has the ability to deal with real issues (homeschooling, socialization) in a funny, non threatening way.  I couldn’t decide on just one, so instead, I decided to include some of my favorites!  There are a ton more, though, so subscribe! 
Ode to Manliness (with the aforementioned Bucey)
A Andrew Joyce
My “adopted” little brother.  I’ve known him for years, and even when we don’t get to talk a lot, because we both have crazy schedules, I know I can count on him for prayers and friendship whenever I need. As a sort of plug, I’d also like to mention that Andrew is a web designer (a very good one) and is up for hire.  In his post I’m going to share with you, Tapestry of Life, Andrew deals with a topic that is close to the heart of everyone.  Life.  With all its light and darkness.  This post is really beautiful, and will give you a glimpse into his heart.
Grace Pennington
A friend of mine who is also an author (is you like Star Trek, but want a Christianized version, her book Radialloy is perfect for you)!  Grace also happens to be the woman who makes me look good in my podcasts (she is the Holy Worlds Podcast editor, and cuts out any blunders I or the person I interview may have).  Grace has a sensitivity to things that not everyone thinks about, and the post I want to share with you today, People who Cry, will show you exactly what I mean.  This post is beautiful and will give you a glimpse into the life and struggles of a write.  Emotions I’m very familiar with.  But part of what makes this post special is that you don’t have to be a writer to relate.  You can also keep tabs on what Grace is up to, and when her next book is going to be available, by subscribing to her blog.
Gabriel Hudleson
My last introduction is actually someone who is more of an acquaintance than a friend.  Gabriel and I have met through various friends, and have run into each other several times over the last 2 years or so.  He is a very passionate individual.  Often times we agree on things, and other times we do not.  But even when we do not, I hold him in high esteem.  The post I want to share with you all today is one that got one simple word out of me, and you know how rare one word responses are where I am concerned.  Wow.  He wrote a post on The Hunger Games, and I loved it!  I have lots of quarrels with this national phenomenon (long story which we might talk about someday, or we might not), but I liked how Gabriel presented some of my thoughts concerning the movie.
And those are the introductions today, guys.  I have so many others I could introduce you to, but I don’t want to overload you.  My friends can be a bit… intense.  But in a good way, of course. ;)  So, please enjoy reading/watching words from their hearts.  I know I have.
As for my friends, thank you, guys, for being brave enough to share with the world.  It’s not an easy thing, I know.  But God blesses others through your words.  Keep on writing and creating!


  1. Wow. For the first time on a blog post I either know, follow, or know of everyone here. :D Thanks for posting.

    1. *chuckles * Yeah, I chose people who are in the public eye (HW and so forth), so several of my blog readers will know of, or know personally, the people in this post. :D But you never know, I may post more obscure friends some day. ;)

    2. Public eye? O.O Thank you, Kaitlyn, for posting, and being an awesome sister *grin*

  2. *Chuckles* I know everyone on there too. :D Nice post, Airi!

  3. This is a post full of awesome people. Written by an awesome person.

    I liketh. ^_^

  4. Thank you for mentioning me and sharing one of my posts, Kaitlyn. :) I'm honored that you called me "lovely." I don't think I've ever been described with that word before. ;)

    1. *laughs * It was the best word to describe you. :D When I used it, though, it made me think of Elanor, you know? She calls people lovely. Maybe she is rubbing off on me. ;)

  5. Wow. *blushes* Thank you for the kind mention, Airi. :) And I'm glad you enjoyed my post. :) I know that the others on this list deserve all you said about them.

    1. Grace!!! You deserved to be on the list, too!!!

  6. *blushes and smiles* Thankyou so much for including me in humbling list of awesomeness, Airi dearest; though I'm most undeserving of it. It made my day, which was in dire need of being made. I didn't know you liked that post of mine so much; I'm glad you do. :) Love you muchly. xo


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