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I have received multiple e-mails from friends about my blog posts, be that in the form of a positive response, a challenge concerning a point I made, or just to sends me a “hey, can you write about this?”.  But, as my blog has continued to grow, I have realized that the people who are now reading it are no longer confined to people who know me and know how to get in contact with me through my multiple online venues.  There are many new people, and I want to hear from them just as much as I want to hear from my friends.  Which is why I have created this page. 

I love feedback, I really do.  And I don’t just mean that in the sense that lots of people say it.  I passionately believe in Proverbs 27:17 where we are called to sharpen one another just as iron sharpens iron.  So while I love an encouraging word, I also welcome comments and e-mails that question my position, so long as it is done in a way that sharpens both individuals participating in the subject and does not turn into an unhealthy debate.
What is the difference between a healthy discussion and an unhealthy debate, you might ask?  Well, a very good friend of mine broke down the difference this way:

Discussion is presenting your view and seeking to share information that will help all involved arrive at the truth.

Debate is taking sword in hand and whacking away at any divergent viewpoint until either yours is proclaimed as the right one or all those with opposing views are silenced.  Debate, in essence, seeks to be proven right at any cost.

The first definition describes the kind of correspondence I love.  I don’t have to agree with the person e-mailing me, and they don’t have to agree with me when they e-mail me.  But we both have enough respect for one another as human beings to discuss our differences in an edifying way.So, whether you have a question, recommendation, or just want to share your story with me but don’t want to do so in the comments section, this is the page for you!

I can be reached by e-mail at and will send a reply as soon as possible.


  1. I miss reading your blog, you should post again. :)

  2. Thank you, Kate, for not forgetting about my blog. I really should get back to it.... I enjoyed it so much.

    It's been a crazy year since I last posted in January of 2014.... so much has happened since then. so many changes in my life.... perhaps it is time to resurrect The Rainbow in the Storm.....


I love to read comments, hear feedback, and interact with my readers, so if you have something you want to say, please feel free to share. Ask questions, challenge my ideas, or even say you disagree with me. I don’t bite, so don’t be shy!

You can even say you liked the post, if you want. I really won’t mind. ;)