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What is a guest post?  Well, a guest post is what you create for guest blogging. 
Now wasn’t that helpful? 
Okay, guest blogging has been a relationship building tactic that has grown popular in recent times among the blogging community.  Basically, when you guest blog you write a guest post, which is a piece of content you write for someone else’s blog, to be featured on their blog.

Now, why would a guest post be advantageous?  Well, quite simply it gets you increased visibility by broadening your readership to include that of the blog which you guest posted for.  See, a guest post contains an “About the Author” section where you can link back to your blog, thus giving you free advertisement.  Or, if you have something you would love to share with the world, and just don’t have a blog to put it on, guest posts also come in handy for that.
So, now that you know what guest blogging is, let me tell you what kind of guest blogging I’m interested in.  It’s quite simple, actually.  The ones where I write for your blog, and ones where you write for mine.  All I ask is that you follow these few guidelines listed below.
1.)    Read through a few of my posts so that you have a firm grasp of the blog atmosphere I work to create and what I value.  Your post can be on a wide variety of topics (even an opposing view, so long as it is respectful) and still fit with the tone of my blog. 

2.)    Don’t talk down to my readers.  They are smart individuals and know how to think for themselves. 

3.)    Be clean. Don’t use coarse language or humor at all. Period.
So, if you are at all interested in building a guest blogging relationship, please feel free to contact me at
Be advised that I reserve the right to reject any post that does not fit in accordance with the purpose of my blog, or that does not respect the values which I hold to.  Also, when you send your guest blog post, be sure and include a simple paragraph describing of who you are, where your site/blog is, what you value, and what your passion is. This is to give you credit at the end of your article. (I will be introducing you at the top.)

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