Friday, January 24, 2014

Homemaker: The Social Death

That’s right, I’m going there.  And yes, I recognize that I haven’t had children and I’m not a “homemaker” because I don’t have my own home, or spouse, or fill in the blank.  However, I’m still going there because… well, quite frankly because I have an opinion on lots of things I haven’t personally experienced.
In today’s rampant feministic culture, there are two terms viewed as the most degrading titles that could possibly be attached to womankind.  These are the “Stay at Home Mom” label, and the “Homemaker” designation.  It is amazing to me how these two words, when spoken, can immediately lower your status as a woman in the eyes of a large majority of mankind.  In fact, when I say “I want to be a stay at home wife so I can focus on taking care of my man”, or “I’d rather stay home and raise my children the way God has convicted my husband and I to raise them”, I immediately lose points.  But what about my writing career?!?!  What about my art that I should be pursuing?!?!  God gave me those gifts!  Why would I squander them?!?!?!