I am the host of the Holy Worlds Podcast, a site that houses interviews of all different sorts concerning writing, be that genere specific writing, writing in general, or book promotion.  This is a list of the Podcasts which I have hosted.  A full list of the Podcasts available can be found on the site's home page.

Holy Worlds' Podcasts

Episode 10: Holy Worlds Convention Recap (an episode where I am a guest)
Episode 11: Amanda Davis, Author of Precisly Terminated
Episode 12: Discussions with Luke Alistar
Episode 13: 2nd Convention Recap
Episode 14: Aubrey Hansen, Author of Red Rain
Episode 15 (Part 1): Writing Discussion with Lady E
Episode 15 (Part 2): Writing Discussion with Lady E
Episode 18: Daniel Swabauer, Creator of OYAN
Episode 19: Bethany Faith, Trials of Three Series
Episode 20: Keith Robinson, Apologetics Fiction
Episode 21: Christian Sci-Fi Discussion
Episode 22: Forgotten Portals by Randy Blackwell
Episode 23: Winter Audio Book with Keven Newsome and Lindsay Zana
Episode 24: Sci-Fi and Aliens with Keith Robinson
Episode 25: Peter's Angel by Aubrey Hansen
Episode 26: Radialloy by J Grace Pennington

Holy Worlds' Topic Snippets

Episode 1: Revenge
Episode 2: Worldbuilding

Holy Worlds' Round Table Discussion

Episode 1: How to Train your Dragon