Book Reviews

I used to be a reviewer for Into the Book, as well as the comment moderator. Due to my publishing ventures, which requires me to spend an exorbitant amount of time writing as opposed to reading, I stepped down from my position, but am still excellent friends with the Admin and recommend everyone check out the book site. This page lists the reviews I managed to write while on the blog team. 

Duncan's War
Self Raised: Sequel to Ishmael
The Last Sin Eater
Viking Quest, Book 1: Raiders from the Sea
Viking Quest, Book 2: Mystery of the Silver Coins
Viking Quest, Book 3: The Invisible Friend
Viking Quest, Book 4: Heart of Courage
Viking Quest, Book 5: Raider's Promise
Wilderking Trilogy, Book 1: Bark of the Bog Owl
Wilderking Trilogy, Book 2: Secret of the Swamp King
Wilderking Trilogy, Book 3: Way of the Wilderking