This page is dedicated to the amazingly talented individuals who's work, sites, videos, and so forth I support and want to pass on to you all. 


A.Andrew Joyce - Of life, living, adventuring, and finding meaning.
Aubrey Hansen - Breaking the mold with indie Christian fiction.
Jonathan Garner - Exploring the ways faith brings inspiration, clarity, and depth to entertainment.
J. Grace Pennington - A storyteller writing with down-to-earth elegance.


The Merlin Spiral Series-

“A sweeping, deeply detailed fantasy that re-imagines the adventures of Arthurian legend … The author skillfully crafts intense action scenes and vivid settings,” says Publisher's Weekly.  This book was written by Robert Treskilliard, the father of a friend of mine.  With great mastery Robert manages to infuse the character of Merlin with honor and strong family values while effortlessly tying together the multiple pieces to a timeless story.  Be prepared to meet the man before Arthur.  A man who was a great hero in his own right. 

To learn more about the book and it's author, visit Robert's website, or, should you like to see a book trailer for Merlin's Blade, the first book in the series, you can click the link and get a better feel for the story. 

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