Why Rainbows in Storms?

Why the blog title?  Good question.

How often do we hear terms like “look on the bright side”?  Some people recommend we focus on the positives in life and ignore the negatives, but how much do we miss out on if we only focus on the positives?  Think about it.  If a storm passes by and you turn your back to it so that you can see the clear skies, you miss the rainbow, right?

Rainbows can only be created when rain and sunlight war together for dominance.  The rainbow, in essence, reminds us that the clouds and storm will not stay forever.  The sun will come shining through and disperse the darkness around us.  See, the rainbow is much more than just a natural phenomenon.  It is a symbol; a symbol of hope and promise.   

This symbol reminds us that even in the midst of change and uncertainty, even when we feel battered and buffeted by all that life throws at us – we can be sure of God’s overarching love and the promise of hope.

Sometimes the clear skies don’t come; storm upon storm rolls in.  Some people see this as a form of heavenly punishment.  What they fail to remember is that rain is necessary for things to grow.  Without rain, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beautiful things in life- and we won’t grow. 

Some of the most beautiful and cherished points in my life are the times when I was able to gaze at the rainbows while the storm raged around me.  So many people miss the beauty of the trials they undergo.  They focus on the negatives or they try to rush through to the clear skies on the other side.  I wanted this blog to help remind people to embrace the storms, to live through them.  It is all made worth it when you are given the gift of a Rainbow in the Storm.