Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Blog Features

That’s right; I have some new blog features!!  If you look over to your right, you will see a list of links.  In that list I have added the Contact Me and Guest Post links.  These are the new features I have added.  So, let’s look each of these features individually.

The Contact Me page:
I have received multiple e-mails from friends about my blog posts, be that in the form of a positive response, a challenge concerning a point I made, or just to sends me a “hey, can you write about this?”. But, as my blog has continued to grow, I have realized that the people who are now reading it are no longer confined to people who know me and know how to get in contact with me through my multiple online venues. There are many new people, and I want to hear from them just as much as I want to hear from my friends. Which is why I have created this page for you all.  Read the Contact Me page for more info.

The Guest Post page:
Guest blogging has been a relationship building tactic that has grown popular in recent times among the blogging community. Basically, when you guest blog you write a guest post, which is a piece of content you write for someone else’s blog, to be featured on their blog.
Now, why would a guest post page be advantageous for me? Well, quite simply it gets me (and the guest blogger) increased visibility by broadening our readerships to include that of the blog which the guest post is for. See, a guest post contains an “About the Author” section where you can link back to your blog, thus giving you free advertisement.  Read the Guest Post page for more info.
And that is it.  I hope these will be a great addition to the blog, and that you guys will feel free to utilize them! 


  1. I'm unclear on how the Guest posts work. Do you have to have a blog to start with?

    1. Nope, not at all. :D If you have a guest post you would like to write, you can contact me about featuring it on my blog, same as if you had a blog and wanted to write a post for me. :D

      Did that help make sense of it?

  2. Few more question: Can you retain your anonymity? Such as using the screen name instead of their given name? and do we contact you via E-mail or a post?

    1. Yes, if you would like, I'm fine with that. :D

      E-mail would work best. You can find my e-mail in the Contact Me page, but I'll give it to you here, if you would like to do so. :D

      It is quite simple.


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