Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing the Blog

Perhaps seeing this blog is as surprising to you as it is for me.  Honestly, I never planned on ending up in the blogging community again.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but it is amazing how interconnected different aspects of our life can be.  My last blog didn't end with a happily ever after, and it was very difficult for me to continue blogging.  There is a certain vulnerability to a blogger.  You lay your soul out for others to see.  My heart had already suffered a devastating blow, and I wasn't sure I wanted people to see what was left to share.

However, through a series of events, and some hard prodding from the Lord (often times in the form of my Mother reminding me of my need for healing), I have decided to launch The Rainbow in the Storm.  This blog is not going to become a dumping ground for anything and everything.  It has been created as a place where I can share the things on my heart, the challenges that come with life, and how we survive the trails of life.  Not only how we survive them, but how we embrace them, because that is what makes all the difference.

You see, some people go through their lives with the mistaken belief that trials are a form of punishment, whether from a lack of faith or a lack of works on our part.  What this mindset fails to realize is that the Lord doesn’t give us trials because He gets some kind of sadistic pleasure out of seeing us suffer.  What kind of God would that be?  Rather, He sends trials because He knows we have the strength and the character to endure.  It is a privilege, something we should look at as a badge of honor, because it shows us that God has big plans in store for our lives.  But before God can use us in those big plans, He must make us tough enough, and strong enough, to stand up to the difficulties of the task.

That is the driving passion behind this blog.  

So why the name?  Well, I was hoping you would ask, because I am so excited to share the answer with you!

Analogies are incredibly powerful; often able to drive home a point with more precision than if you spoon fed the underlying message to someone.  Analogies encourage us to cogitate on the underlying message-- to not take things at face value.  So, in thinking of a name for this blog, I wanted something that captured the essence of all the things I have just discussed.  I wanted a title that embodied the last five years of my life; something that reflected who Christ has made me to be.  

Several ideas were tossed around, but nothing really struck me.  Until this one.  The Rainbow in the Storm is not only an analogy, but it set the tone for what I wanted the blog to be about.  It embodied all the things the Lord has been teaching me and my family as we have been called to endure thee five years of trial after trial.  The fact that the title reflects a phrase I use among friends only helped convince me that it was the perfect choice for my blog.

I ask that everyone be patient with me.  I will probably not be one of those blog posters who update their blog daily; in fact, I can tell you I won't be one of those bloggers (not that there is anything wrong with that).  I may not even update things weekly, though a post a week would be nice.  I strongly believe that my family comes first, and I have many other responsibilities in the online world.  However, I trust that the Lord will give me the words to say when He wants me to say them.  I promise, when I have something worth posting, I will post it.   

I pray the Lord will see fit to bless this blog, that He will use my words to uplift and challenge you all.  If anything that is unprofitable be written, I ask that the Lord would blind you to it, and that He will deal with me in grace.

To God be the glory,



  1. I look forward to reading your posts, Kaitlyn. :)

  2. Thankyou for following the Lord in creating this blog, Kaitlyn. I'm sure God will use it mightily for His purpose. :)

    Love you xo

  3. Jonathan: Thank you for reading, I hope those to come will be a blessing.

    Aussie: Thank you, my friend, for the encouragement. I love you, too. :)


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